I Changed My Blog Name & Domain

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Just a few days before the end of December 2019, I changed my blog name and domain from “Let’s Live Mini” to “Budget & Mom Jeans”.

Let me tell you this was a very difficult decision to make.

But I am glad I did it.

If you are a regular here, I am sorry for any inconvenience this might cause you.

And if you are new here, welcome to Budget & Mom Jeans formerly Let’s Live Mini.

This blog is about putting your needs before your wants when making your budget.

So let’s talk about why I changed my blog name and domain.

Why Did I Change My Blog Name And Domain?

I thought the other names were just bleh!

When I started this blog, I had no idea what blogging was about and what I wanted to blog about.

And that made it pretty difficult for me to pick the right blog name.

I am sure picking a blog name can be a challenge for most new bloggers.

So because I did not want to waste time on a blog name, I used my middle name Buyaifa.

I called my blog Buayifa’s blog.

And after a while I got sick of it, then I purchased Let’s live Mini.

But even then I still wasn’t satisfied with it because I felt it doesn’t say much too.

So I kept thinking about a new blog name, then I found Budget & Mom Jeans, and quickly bought it before someone else does.

And also before Let’s Live Mini expires.

Now I have a blog name that sticks and one I am proud of.

Whaddya think?

Was Changing My Blog Name & Domain An Easy Decision?

Oh! Changing my blog name was not an easy decision to make but it was a necessary one.

It took me months to decide if I wanted to change it and also to find a name I actually like.

And I was a bit nervous about how my regular readers will take it as you guys are already used to Let’s Live Mini.

I hope my decision did not cause you any confusion.

What Does Budget & Mom Jeans Mean To Me?

While Budget & Mom Jeans sounds perfect to me, it may not work for some of you.

Sorry about that.

But this blog is about learning to live within your means and putting your needs before your wants.

So I think it is wise to let people know what they can expect to see on this blog.

  • DIY skincare
  • Budget hacks
  • Mom life
  • Make money from home, and
  • Lifestyle

And as someone who loves mom jeans, I had to put it there.

Plus “mom jeans” would help attract more women to my blog.

That’s not a selfish idea, or is it?

Anyway, that’s that.

Wear mom jeans and do your budget like a girl boss.

How Do I Feel About The Change?

Honestly, I am excited about this change, and I can’t wait to see how this goes.

And I need all the support I can get from both my old and new readers.

Even if I am sitting down, I am dancing in my mind. Haha.

That’s how happy I am.

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What Happened To The Old Blog Name And Domain

The old blog name and domain are still there but they are now a secondary domain while budgetandmomjeans.com is primary.

Letslivemini.com is there to help redirect you to this new domain.

In order to avoid errors, my hosting provider – Bluehost assisted me in making sure there are no errors.

So you would still be able to access all the content on this blog just like before.

A smooth experience is guaranteed as usual.


I Changed My Blog Name & Domain

So I changed my blog name after a year and a few months of blogging.

It was a difficult but necessary change, and I am happy about it.

Just to remind you that you can live on a low budget and still rock that Calvin Klein mom jeans like a boss.

Sending you warmth and love this holiday!

Thanks for all the support!

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