March/April Blog Income Report – I Made $546.66

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It’s the beginning of a new month, so it’s time for my March/April blog income report.

And because I missed it in March, I’d be combining March and April income report into one post.

So I’d be sharing how I made $546.66 from my small blog in March and April.

And also talk about my expenses for both months, courses I’m taking to grow Budget & Mom Jeans traffic, and income.

And lastly my plans for the coming months.

Let’s dive in.

March/April Blog Income Report - I Made $546.66

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: This post contains affiliate links. This means I earn commissions if you click the links and make buy a product I recommend – at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products I love and trust.

Why Am I Sharing My March/April Blog Income Report With You?

Transparency. I want to be transparent with you.

You visit my blog and get answers to questions and maybe learn a few things. So I believe you deserve to know how much I make monthly from this blog.

Especially as your visits and purchases help me earn this money.

So saying “thank you” alone isn’t enough. That’s why I’m sharing my blog income report with you.

In case you missed it, here’s How Much I Have Made So Far – My Blog Income Report For January And February.

Blog Income For March 2021

Sponsored post – $50

So in March, I landed a sponsored post to write about a product related to reselling. And I was paid $50 upfront, and the balance came in April. That’s why I have $50 here.

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She Media Ads – $187.03

March/April Blog Income Report

And from ads running on my blog, I made $187.03 in March. Because She Media pays you 2 months after earning, I only got my March earnings end of April.

And I’d be getting April earnings by the end of May. Lol.


Affiliate sales – $1.68

Out of the blue, I noticed I earned $1.68 from an affiliate sale. It might be only $1.68 to some, but to me, it was everything.

Since I started blogging, I’ve never made an affiliate sale, so seeing that sale made my day.

To the person who trusted me and made that purchase, “thank you so much”.

I appreciate you for breaking the affiliate sale jinx, I guess. Lol.

Blog expenses for March 2021

Pinterest with Ell – $38

Most bloggers use Pinterest, and I do too.

But sometimes Pinterest can drive you crazy with the change in algorithm and whatnot.

So I invested in Pinterest with Ell -$38, based on good reviews.

And I think the course was helpful. Ell shares the Pinterest strategies she uses to drive traffic to her blog.

She knows her stuff, and she gives tips that you hardly hear other bloggers talk about.

So Pinterest with Ell was money well-spent.

March/April Blog Income Report - I Made $546.66

Stupid Simple SEO – $147

Because of Pinterest’s forever-changing algorithm, I thought it’s only wise to learn SEO and get more traffic from Google.

So in March, I decided to take an SEO course to learn how SEO works and drive more targeted traffic to my blog.

The course costs $497 one-time payment or you pay $147 for 4 months.

And I’m doing the 4-month payment plan, though it costs more in the long run. But I can afford to pay $147 monthly instead of $497 one time.

So far I’ve learned a lot from the course, and I’m still learning.

Canva – $12.99

I use Canva to create blog graphics and freebies, so it is a must-have app for me.

The free version has lots of features, but the premium is even better. It is packed with better stock photos and editing features, and it costs $12.99.

So I thought I’d pay for it instead of buying pictures from one place and transferring them to Canva to work with.

Anyway, I spent $12.99 on Canva for March.

Sign up with Canva with my referral link.

Blog income for April 2021

Okay, time for the April Income report.

Sponsored post – $100

March/April Blog Income Report

So I received $50 in March and got the balance of $100 this April.

She Media Ads – $207.95

Though this will be paid by the end of May, still it is imperative to add it here.

I made over $200 from ads alone in April. I’m really loving this.

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Blog expenses for April

Stupid Simple SEO – $147

Yeah, so I’m still paying $147 per month for the stupid simple SEO course. I can’t wait to complete the payment.

I’ll be done with the payment by the end of June, then rest from the huge amount leaving my account monthly.

Hopefully, what I’m learning and implementing would pay off, and I’d get a good ROI (return in investment).

Canva $12.99

As for Canva, I’m going to have it for a long time.

Because, as I said, I prefer to have my pictures and editing tools in one place.

And Canva is the best place for me.

And by the time I’m done paying for the SEO course, my blog income report would only show Canva. Who knows?

My plan for the coming months

I’m working hard on my SEO and Pinterest and hoping my hard work pays off. It has to.

So in the coming months, I’m hoping to experience traffic growth, more money from ads and affiliate products, and maybe land some sponsored posts.

We’ll see how it goes.

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May/June 2021 Blog Income Report – $507.43

July/August 2021 Blog Income Report – $752.41

March/April Blog Income Report - I Made $546.66

Boom! My March/April Blog Income Post

So that’s my March/April blog income report, how I made $546.66 for both months.

That’s not bad, to me.

I know lots of bloggers are crushing it moneywise, and some aren’t making any money.

So I’m grateful for this and hopeful for the future.

Also, this is about me, my blog, and my hard work not a competition.

This is a new month to make magic and miracles happen.

I got this! You got this! Let’s crush it!

Thanks for reading.

Please share this post on Pinterest and other social media channels.

xx, Buayifa.

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