My Blog Growth After Blogging For 1 Year

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So I thought it would be nice to share my blog growth after blogging for one year.

This post was inspired by the August 2019 Blog Income and Progress Report by Rebecca of Boss Single Mama.

And it is also one month late as I started blogging in September 2018.

But better late than never, right?

However, in Rebecca’s post, she shared her income and progress for August.

I am looking to start doing that too after sharing this one-year blogging progress.

Also, I will mention some materials and changes that inspired my blog growth.

Let’s begin.

Blog Growth After Blogging For 1 Year

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What Spiked My Blog Growth

Are you itching to know what I did to grow my blog?

I should point out here that I only did these things recently.

Okay, here you go.

I Invested In A Blog Traffic Course July 2019

Elna Cain’s “Ready Set Blog For Traffic” Course

After working for hours, days, and months, but not getting any results; I decided it was high time I invested in my blog.

And having heard other bloggers’ testimonials about Elna Cain’s Ready Set Blog For Traffic Course, I got enrolled in July 2019.

That’s the best investment I ever made for my blog.

Elna knows her stuff, her course is packed with helpful blog growth information you never thought of.

And she makes it easy for even a clueless blogger to understand. If you know what I mean.

I attribute most of my blog growth to Elna’s Blog For Traffic Course.

If you are struggling with growing your blog, please get enrolled in her course.

You won’t regret it.

Paid For Canva Pro

The second investment I made in my blog was paying for Canva Pro.

Because I was tired of seeing the same pictures in my pins everywhere, I paid for Canva Pro.

Oh my! Canva Pro has lots of beautiful and unique stock images you can create pins with.

This has affected my pins engagement positively, and also increased visits to my blog, plus tips from Elna’s course too.

I Started Using A Blog Planner

While I am not a planner person, Elna’s free blog traffic planner showed me the power of a planner.

Yes I know, I mentioned Elna again.

You won’t understand unless you visit her blog or take her course.

The planner kept me on track especially when I wasn’t sure when to do what.

You can visit her blog to download the free planner and grow your blog traffic.

I Worked, I Prayed, I Cried The Ugly Cry

I Worked

Even though I have the blogging course to guide me, there are days that I am not motivated to work.

Some days I just want to give up.

But looking back to where I started, a novice clueless blogger; I have come very far to give up.

So I keep working!

Yeah, I Prayed

While I may not the most religious person, I believe in prayer backed up with hard work.

So whenever I feel lost, I take a step back to pray and ask God for clarity.

I Cried The Ugly Cry

Some days I feel overwhelmed and cry my eyes out, yes the ugly cry.

Crying is good as it relieves the tension built up inside and clears your mind a bit.

All these played a huge role in my blog growth.

What I Earned After Blogging For One Year

So what did I achieve after taking blogging courses, using planners, and paying for Canva Pro?

Made Money From A Sponsored Blog Post

If anyone had told me I would make money from my blog, I would laugh so hard.

But in September 2019, I got a sponsored post opportunity and made some money.

It felt like a blog anniversary present since it came exactly after one year of blogging.

What made it even sweeter was that the company reached out to me, which lead me to believe I was doing something right.

If you haven’t read the sponsored post, here it is: Tips To Help Busy Moms Survive The Holiday Craziness

Made Money From Google Adsense

While this may not appear like much, I am extremely happy to be making money from my blog with Google Adsense.

And I remember when I used to check my Adsense account and see 5cents for weeks.

It was darn frustrating.

That’s why I celebrate the 20something dollars I have earned so far even if I can’t cash it yet.

Pageviews Growth

As of September 2018, I had zero blog visits or page views.

Now a year after my blog has experienced significant pageview growth.

I get between 4.5 – 5k page views monthly.

That’s huge progress for me.

So That’s My Blog Growth After Blogging For One Year

There you go. After blogging for one year, this is what happened.

  • I made money from my blog
  • Grew my blog traffic and pageviews

What caused my blog growth?

  • Blog traffic course
  • Canva pro
  • Hard work, tears, and belief

I am not where I want to be, but I am not where I used to be.

Blog Growth After Blogging For 1 Year

Of which I never expected I would be here right now.

I never thought I would own and run a blog for a year, but here it is.

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Thanks for reading!

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