The Best Places To Sell Gently Used Clothes Online

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Selling your gently used clothes online can be profitable.

But what are the best places to sell them and make the most money?

That’s what we’ll discuss in this post.

This article will explore the best places to sell gently used clothes online.

And also guide you in choosing the best platforms for selling your clothes online.

Let’s get started!

How to choose the best places to sell gently used clothes online

Things to consider to help you choose the best online marketplace for you.

Consider the cost of listing your clothes.

Most online marketplaces allow you to list your gently used clothes for free.

While some, like eBay, start charging you $0.35 per listing if you’ve listed more than 250 items.

So consider the cost of listing before you choose a marketplace to sell your used clothes.

The selling fees of the platform

Another thing to help you choose the right platform is the cost of selling.

The selling fees are usually taken from your profit after you’ve made a sale.

Mercari takes 10% of your sales.

But Poshmark takes $2.95 from your profits after you sell your clothes.

And Facebook marketplace selling fee is only 5%.

The shipping methods and rates

Before selling gently used clothes online, check the shipping methods and rates.

Some online marketplaces allow you to ship on your own.

So you pack your items, weigh them, print a shipping label, ship them, and provide the buyer with a tracking number.

And other selling platforms like Poshmark don’t allow you to ship purchases on your own.

That’s mainly because Poshmark shipping protects the buyer.

And also, the buyer can accept your item on the app, so you get paid on time.

Imagine if you ship on your own; you may be able to confirm the item was delivered.

but what if the buyer says they didn’t receive it/

Poshmark cannot confirm receipt and protect you as well.

The method of paying sellers on the platform

Choosing the best place to sell your clothes online also means considering the method of paying sellers.

Most online marketplaces pay sellers via direct deposit.

And a few, like Thredup, pay sellers with PayPal or stripe.

Even if getting paid through Paypal is convenient, the charges will be deducted from your money.

Seller protection

Consider seller protection to choose the best place to sell gently used clothes online.

Some buyers are scammers.

And some sellers have had bad experiences with buyers trying to or even getting away with scamming them.

So just be alert.

I guess that’s why it’s best to use shipping labels provided by online selling platforms.

So what are the best websites to sell used clothes online

There are so many great places, but I’ll mention the ones I use and am familiar with.



I used to dislike Poshmark, but it is one of the best places to sell gently used clothes online.

On Poshmark, you can list clothes for free.

The selling fee is relatively low – $2.95 for sales $15 and under. And Poshmark selling fees for items more than $15 is 20%.

Another good thing about selling your clothes on Poshmark is the shipping rates.

Poshmark sellers ship purchases with USPS priority mail which costs $7.97 but can be upgraded when the item gets too heavy.

For some buyers, $7.97 isn’t much to pay for shipping.

But compared to Mercari, Poshmark shipping makes sense.

If you don’t have a Poshmark account yet, you can sign up with my code and get $10 credit to shop.

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Mercari is also one of the best places to sell clothes online.

You can sell on the Mercari mobile app.

Mercari sellers can list items on the platform free of charge.

And the selling fee is 10% of your sales, no matter the cost of the item.

But Mercari ships with USPS first-class mail, which can get expensive quickly.

On the bright side, Mercari has lower shipping rates for lightweight items.

And they also have other shipping companies like FedEx and UPS.

So you can choose the shipping company and rate that works for what you’re selling.

If you don’t have a Mercari account, sign up with my link for a $10 shop credit.

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Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is an excellent place to sell clothes online too.

The selling fee is only 5%.

And you can sell both locally and nationwide on the Facebook marketplace.

This means some buyers might be within your area and are willing to meet to buy things.

And you can also choose the option to ship to attract buyers from other states.

Another thing to know about the Facebook marketplace is that they pay sellers through direct bank deposit.

Once a buyer receives their item and rates you, Facebook sends your payment to your bank account.

Compared to selling on other platforms, Facebook marketplace pays faster than the others.

And the shipping rates are also very flexible.

So don’t be worried that your shipping cost will scare buyers away.


if you love and plan to sell vintage fashion, Depop is the place for you.

I used Depop only a few times and wasn’t patient enough to wait to make a sale.

So I don’t have lots of information about the online selling platform.

But I heard stories of people selling gently used vintage clothes on Depop and making good money.

So check it.


If you want to sell gently used clothes quickly and conveniently without doing all the work, Thredup is one of the best places to go.

With Thredup, you only have to ask for a cleanout kit.

Or ask for a shipping label to be sent to your email.

Print out the label, pack your gently used clothes in a big box, place the label on the box, and ship it.

Thredup will take pictures, add descriptions, price and list your items.

But Thredup selling fees are pretty high.

Also, Thredup cleanout kits are not free.

So you’d also pay Thredup $14.99 from your profits when your clothes sell.

And Thredup payouts are meager.

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Another place to sell your gently used clothes online is eBay.

I know listing is free on eBay until you have listed more than 250 items; then, you’d start paying to list.

It’s a great option to explore for selling online.


Selling on Swap is similar to Thredup.

You pack and send your clothes to them.

They take care of the listing, pricing, and shipping.

And you get paid when your items sell.

But you may not make much money as you would on Poshmark, Mercari, or Facebook.

Tips to make more sales when selling gently used clothes online


Price to sell

So how do you price clothes to sell online?

When selling your used clothes online, ensure you price them to sell quickly.

And not to make tons of profit.

Buyers know you’re selling used clothes.

So they don’t expect to pay as much as they would at a retail store.

Also, unnecessarily high prices can keep you from making sales.

Add several pictures of the item.

Another tip to make sales is to add more than one picture of your clothes.

The front and back, and other details you want buyers to see.

And the flaws, if any.

Having several pictures reduces the time you spend providing more information about your clothes.

And only attracts serious buyers.

Add pictures of the measurements.

Also, make sure to add pictures of your used clothes’ measurements.

Even if you add the size in the description, some buyers need measurements to know if the clothes would fit their bodies.

So put your tape measure on the clothes, and take pictures to show them.

Add necessary information to your descriptions.

Another tip to make sales when listing gently used clothes online is adding vital information in the description.

Add the size, color, measurements, condition, etc.

Some buyers would ask you for more information.

But some will keep scrolling because they don’t have time to ask you for more information about your listings.

Offer free shipping when possible.

Free shipping is another way to lure buyers and make sales in online market platforms.

Most buyers love free shipping.

So offer free shipping on some of your listings and see how it goes.

But if the item is heavy and you can’t offer free shipping, please let the buyer pay.

Just be strategic about shipping to make more sales.

Frequently asked questions about the best places to sell gently used clothes online


What is the best way to sell clothes on the Internet?

The best way to sell clothes online is through a selling app.

If you check Google Play Store, you will find many apps for selling clothes on the Internet.

You can read reviews before you download a reselling app.

Or download it, create an account, and learn how the app works.

What app do people use to sell clothes?

The most popular apps people use to sell clothes online are Mercari, Poshmark, Thredup, eBay, and Depop.

Some people use Offer Up, Vinted, and others.

But these are the few I’m familiar with.

Is it worth selling your clothes online?

Many people sell gently used clothes online and make good money.

While some sell clothes online to make extra cash on the side while decluttering their closets.

So it depends on you, what you sell, and what you want.

What is the easiest website to sell clothes?

Thredup is the easiest website to sell your clothes.

Because they do all the hard work, from taking pictures to listing and pricing your clothes.

But even if Thredup is easy to sell on, they take a long time to process your bag.

And the payout is very low.

I only sell on Thredup when my closet is tight, and I need to declutter.

Because my main goal is to declutter, I don’t mind the waiting period.

And also, when your bag has been processed and your clothes listed, Thredup will email you.

Is Poshmark better than Mercari?

Not one of them is better than the other.

I buy and sell on both platforms.

And they have their pitfalls and perks.

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What type of clothing sells the most?

Luxury brands sell the most on selling platforms.

And you don’t have to sell the most expensive brand to make money.

Just find a middle ground.

Wrap it up!

So those are the best places to sell gently used clothes online.

I hope this post answers your questions about selling clothes online.

If you have any questions, please ask in the comments.

And if you enjoyed this post, please share it.

Thanks for reading.

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