A Review of 2020 | Life, Family, Business Stuff

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Whew! Finally, a new year has begun, and it is time to do a review of 2020.

So last year was the longest year of my life.

While it was like a crazy roller coaster, it brought out the best and worst in so many of us, me inclusive.

Between, I wrote a post on New Year’s Resolution Ideas. Please check it out.

So in this post, I’d talk about stuff that happened in my life last year and also my plans for 2021.

Let’s get into it.

A Review of 2020 | Life, Family, Business Stuff

My Review of 2020

1. Life And Family


We relocated August last year from West Virginia to Virginia. It was a bitter-sweet time in our lives because we had new friends that were becoming pretty close family friends.

So saying goodbye was hard, but we had to because we had begun a new phase of our lives.


My husband started his Ph.D. program before the end of last year. That was the reason for our relocation to Virginia.

Though I miss my friends in West Virginia, I love Charlottesville even if I’ve not really been out. Of course, that’s because of COVID-19.

Plus, I started running last year but stopped when the weather started getting cold.

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As if the pandemic wasn’t enough to make anyone crazy, I lost my mother inlaw December 2020. She had ovarian cancer that wasn’t detected on time.

What hurts the most is that my kids do not know that she’s gone, and I have no idea how to tell them.

But I’m glad they sang happy birthday to her on her last birthday. And she also saw them on a video call a few weeks before her passing.

And we still have a few voice messages she sent on Whatsapp when she didn’t feel like typing a message.

Listening to them makes me emotional like she’s still here. But unfortunately, she’s not.


Movies I watched last year

I watched lots of movies last year.

But the ones that stood out are About A Boy and Beautiful Boy.

Why are they both about boys? lol

Well, I’m not the best narrator of movies, but these two are great. And I promise you’d love them. I hope…lol

2. Business review of 2020

My blog

After relocating, I guess I was out of touch and kinda homesick, so I didn’t work much on my blog. I just couldn’t get myself back to do anything, so I took a break and the blog suffered.

I lost traffic from almost 20k to 4k page views.

It was depressing, and I almost gave up but I couldn’t.

I believe I owe it to you to show up here and continue what we’ve started together.

And that’s me helping the best way I can with helpful information on this blog.

I do it for you because, without you, there’s no Budget & Mom Jeans Blog.

Okay, that’s that about last year. Now let me share my goals for 2021 with you.

A Review of 2020 | Life, Family, Business Stuff

My Goals for 2021

1. Family

My kids

Of course, I spend lots of time with my family because I’m home 24-7. However, this year, I plan to make more time to watch and help the kids grow.

Make more cookies, ride their bikes outside during Summer, and whatever fun stuff we can think of.

If you have any ideas for fun during summer, please share them in the comments. Thanks.


My husband is still grieving his loss, our loss. So everything about celebrations have been and would remain quiet for now.

So I have no idea how our anniversary would be this year. But we’ll see how things go after the funeral.

2. Health and fitness

My mental health

For the year 2021, I plan to pay more attention to my mental health and know when to take breaks when overwhelmed.

Also, I’d try not to over-think everything. I’m always looking to make things perfect, even if I know there’s no such thing.

So I’d strive for progress over perfection this year, to get unstuck.

Fitness goals

As the weather gets warmer, I plan to resume running at least three times a week this year. Mostly in the evenings since the kids have virtual school in the mornings.

So outdoor exercise in the evenings works perfectly.

Also, I’d be doing more yoga with YWA 30-day yoga series.

Lastly, for fitness goals, I plan to eat more healthy foods. And also drink more water to the point where a gallon of water doesn’t overwhelm me.

And hopefully, I’ll get as fit as I can be. I mean it.

Selfcare and wellness

I plan to make more time for self-care and spend time with myself.

Of course, there would also be lots of at-home pedicure time with the kids too.

3. My business goals for 2021

The blog

As for business and blogging, I’d take one day at a time to accomplish small goals.

I also plan to write more helpful content for you. Please leave a comment and let me know what you’d love to see on the blog.

If I have no idea what you want, then I won’t know how to help you.

So please, help me help you.

My big and scary goal is to grow this blog big enough to apply to the Mediavine ad network.

Another big plan is to fill my store with lots of attractive and helpful digital products and make more money.


In the year 2021, I plan to declutter my and the kids’ closets and resell them.

And make space for new clothes.

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A Review of 2020 | Life, Family, Business Stuff

Wrapping Up My Review Of 2020!

So that’s a review of 2020 and my scary goals for 2021.

Let me take this time to say thanks and send you virtual hugs for being the backbone of this blog.

I appreciate and love every one of you that takes the time to read, comment, and share my posts.

Please leave more comments. I love reading and replying to them.

Did you enjoy this post?

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Thanks for reading.

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