5 Smart Ways To Avoid Overspending In Self-Isolation

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Are you looking for ways to avoid overspending in self-isolation?

Is your budget looking like it may not meet up with your needs at some point?

This is what’s happening to the best of us.

In this post, I’ll show you how to make adjustments to your budget to avoid going broke in isolation.

5 Smart Ways To Avoid Overspending In Self-Isolation

Let’s get started.

5 Smart Ways To Avoid Overspending In Self-Isolation

Tips To Avoid Overspending In Self-Isolation

1. Switch from toilet paper to bidet

Due to social-distancing, lots of people are stocking on toilet paper.

And it is understandable because you need it to clean up after using the bathroom.

But over time, buying toilet paper would be money down the drains as most of us are not getting paid while at home.

So to avoid self-isolation overspending, what you can do is switch from toilet paper to a bidet.

Bidets use water and they clean you up way better than toilet paper.

And once you install it, you are good for a very long time, maybe until you need a replacement.

But that may even be years after.

I believe that is a smart way to cut your expenses during this period of self-isolation.

And once you are used to, and enjoying using a bidet, you won’t want toilet paper as much anymore.

You can find bidets at Walmart, Amazon, and other department stores.

If you are handy, you should be able to install it yourself.

Or hire a handyman to install it for you.

Benefits of Using A Bidet

  1. Bidets are budget-friendly as you only buy and install it once, and you are fine unlike monthly shopping for toilet paper.
  2. Because it uses water, it cleans way better than toilet paper.
  3. It is also eco-friendly.
  4. Cleaning up with water after using the bathroom can actually help you avoid infections.
  5. Your toilet would hardly ever get clogged when you use water regularly.

These are just a few of the many benefits of cleaning up with water after using the bathroom.

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2. Cook your own meals to avoid overspending in isolation

The second tip to avoid self-isolation overspending is to cook your own meals.

This may be a huge change for you if you are used to takeout.

But it may also be the change you need right now especially as you may not be earning any money right now.

Besides, it is also a good idea since you are not moving as much to burn calories.

So now is the time to bring out the cookbooks or recipe magazines, and fix yourself some delicious home-cooked meals.

Or maybe try your hands on healthy homemade desserts if that’s your thing.

Benefits Of Cooking Your Own Meals

  • It is a lot cheaper and would fit well in your monthly budget.
  • When you cook your own meals, you can tweak the recipe to your preference.
  • And there are always leftovers to enjoy later.
  • Between, cooking at home is actually safer for you as you are not coming in contact with food delivery persons. (Social distancing).

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5 Smart Ways To Avoid Overspending In Self-Isolation

3. Make a shopping list to monitor your spending

Thirdly, make a shopping list before going to the store or shopping online.

And make sure the list contains just your needs.

So check around the house; your bathroom, kitchen, pantry to see what you need to buy.

Those are the only things you should have on your list before leaving for the store.

Just a tip: Explore online grocery shopping.

So that you won’t have to walk around the store.

All you will need to do is order online and pick up at your given pick-up time.

It saves you lots of time.

Benefits of shopping with a shopping list

  • It helps you work within a budget.
  • A shopping list can help you put your needs before your wants.
  • It also keeps you from impulsive spending as you are now more disciplined about your budget.
  • Using a shopping list can help you avoid self-isolation overspending.

There are lots of ways a shopping list can be beneficial to your budget.

I am pretty sure you will learn more as you go.

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4. Unsubscribe from subscriptions you can do without to avoid overspending in self-isolation

If you are subscribed to several monthly or yearly subscriptions, now is the time to unsubscribe from them.

The thing is most of these companies don’t really care if you are making money or not, right now.

When it is time, the money would be taken from your credit or debit card.

So if for instance, you are subscribed to premium Hulu (i.e without ads), you can switch to the free option.

Manage the ads for now, and still enjoy your favorite shows.

The company still makes money from those ads.

So why give them more when you are not getting any money yourself?

Unless you have paid for a year, then you should be fine.

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5. Sell stuff you’ve been wanting to get rid of

If you have been meaning to sell stuff but you are unable to because of your busy schedule.

Now you have time to list them and make some money at home.

Before you start wondering how to ship them, you can schedule a pick up with USPS.

If selling online is new to you, I would link a few posts below to guide you.

How Mercari Works For Sellers Plus Tips To Make Sales.

Mercari VS Poshmark – Which Is Better For Selling Online?

Benefits of selling your things online.

  • You would make money without leaving your home.
  • Selling stuff you don’t need is a way of decluttering your closet and storage.
  • The money you make from selling can be used to shop again without touching your savings.
5 Smart Ways To Avoid Overspending In Self-Isolation


Those are 5 smart ways to avoid self-isolation overspending and not ruin your budget.

I hope you find them helpful.

What steps have you taken to avoid overspending while self-isolating?

Please share in the comments.

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Thanks for reading!

Stay safe and healthy.

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