7 Truths About Losing Weight You Need To Know

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As you begin your weight loss journey, there are truths about losing weight you need to tell yourself.

And the earlier you know these things, the more focused you’ll be.

If you check Instagram, I’m certain you’d find lots of people that are offended by other’s people’s weight loss or fitness progress.

And stuff like this can distract or confuse you as you may be trying to not upset anyone.

So I’m going to share seven truths about losing weight you need to know to make fitness progress.

Let’s dive in!

7 Truths About Losing Weight You Need To Know

7 Truths About Losing Weight

1. YOU are losing weight for YOU

At the beginning of your weight loss journey, you must acknowledge that you are losing weight for yourself.

It is not a revenge body for your ex, or your bully high school classmate, or anyone else for that matter.

Your weight loss is for you, your health and wellbeing so that you can spend more time with your loved ones.

So no matter what outside or background noise you hear, stand firm that you are doing this for yourself.

Shut out the noise! Especially the ones that say you are fatphobic for losing weight.

Focus on you and your support system!

2. You are losing weight because you love yourself

Secondly, make sure to recognize that you are losing weight because you love yourself enough to want to live a healthy life.

And when you are strong and healthy, you can live your best life.

So follow this by feeding your body the right foods it requires to live a long healthy life.

Don’t let anyone guilt-trip you that you are losing weight because you hate yourslef.

Your body is beautiful, and if you want it to be stronger, you decide to do that in the healthiest way possible.

That is self-love.

3. Truth is you won’t die if you don’t eat that candy bar

It is difficult to stop eating all the stuff you are used to when trying to lose weight.

But if you want to make progress, you’d have to push yourself to either limit them or cut them out completely.

So think about this when you are about to eat that extra candy bar. You won’t die if you don’t eat it.

Besides, you can eat it the next day but make sure it is part of your meal plan for the day.

The truth is, it is difficult to listen to your head when your mouth is craving sweets, but you can do it.

Halloween of 2019, I ate so much candy that I gained weight so fast I couldn’t believe it.

Though I’m not at my goal weight yet, I’ve lost a few pounds. And I was able to get to this point because I had to discipline myself with some hard truths.

And I believe you can do it too.

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7 Truths About Losing Weight You Need To Know

4. You’d rather not buy that candy bar

When you go shopping, and that chocolate bar keeps calling your name, Girl, keep walking.

Even you see it at checkout, look the other way.

Another thing that can help is to have a shopping list and a budget. So whatever is not on the list must not go in the cart, especially sweets and snacks.

And make sure to keep it that way.

Now there are instances where friends give you candy. So what do you do then?

Discipline yourself. Like I said before, make sure it is part of your meal plan, not an extra.

Sometimes extras are good, but they can sabotage your weight progress when they become excessive.

My Fitness Pal is a great app to plan your meals and add your snacks, so you’re eating within your caloric needs.

5. There is nothing wrong with having a trophy dress

I presume you know what a trophy dress is.

But if you don’t, I’d explain what it is, the best way I can.

A trophy dress is a dress you are losing weight to wear.

So as you make progress, you try it. And the day it finally fits, you know you’ve reached your goal size.

Before babies, I was a size 8 to 10. But after having two babies, I became a size 10 to 12. And I embraced that weight gain and updated my wardrobe.

But I then gained extra pounds that I couldn’t fit into most of those clothes, so I picked a trophy dress.

Believe it or not, whenever I lose a few pounds, I try it on.

Recently, I happened to fit into one of them, and it got me excited for what’s to come.

However, before the weight loss, a friend gave me lots of pretty clothes in size 12-14, and I loved them.

Then one day, I looked in the mirror and saw myself in a size 14 dress and knew that wasn’t me.

Do you know what I did? I sold them all!

So a trophy dress is cool as long as you are losing weight healthily and sustainably.

Depending on the kind of workouts you do, your trophy dress may not fit even after weight loss.

But it is not a big deal because you may have added muscles in some parts of your body.

Moreover, the original plan was to get fit and healthy.

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6. Your before and after pictures are to celebrate your progress

When losing weight, remember to take pictures to see and celebrate your progress.

Moreover, sharing your before and after pictures can encourage or inspire others in the fitness journey.

They are not fat-shaming or body-shaming anyone.

Between, your journey to living a healthy life is about YOU, not about anyone else.

Let’s not be selfish and make other people’s weight loss about us.

7. Truth is you don’t need a crash diet to lose weight

As someone who gets bored with diets pretty fast, I know I don’t need crash diets to lose weight.

I have tried the egg diet, and it gave me crazy headaches. Maybe I didn’t do it right.

But you can actually lose weight by eating a little of everything; a little rice, beans, meat, potatoes, vegetables, whatever.

This works for me.

I’m not saying that anyone is bad for following a particular diet. As a matter of fact, it is not my concern.

Just saying it is not compulsory for weight loss.

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7 Truths About Losing Weight You Need To Know

Let’s Wrap Up

So those are seven truths about losing weight you need to know and tell yourself.

I hope you find them helpful.

What are your truths about losing weight?

Please share in the comments.

Thank you so much for reading!

Remember to share this post as someone may need it.

Sharing is caring!

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