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  1. I finished TRUE 30 day yoga with Adriene and was trying to decide which one to do next. From your review I am excited to start the HOME series. Thanks so much for the motivation!!!

    1. Hi Kim,
      You are so welcome. Now that you mentioned it, I’ll check out TRUE 30-day yoga with Adriene.
      I’m so happy you found my review of Home 30-day yoga with Adriene, motivating, and helpful. You go, girl! *cheering you on*
      I’m even more excited to start TRUE 30-day yoga with Adriene.
      xx, Buayifa.

  2. Thank you! I really enjoyed your review of YWA and have been feeling many of the same things. You have inspired me to stick to the 30 day program with her that I am on right now (I picked a 2015 30 day journey).

    1. Hi Rowena.
      Yay! I’m so excited about your yoga journey. Adriene is the best yoga instructor I have ever come across, and you’re going to love practicing with her. Stick to the program, even if you miss a day, you can always show up on the mat the next day. I’m so happy you found my review of YWA helpful. Now you’ve inspired me to want to start the 2015 30 day yoga journey. Thanks so much for your sweet comment. xx, Buayifa.

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